Dismantling the Ceara

Petty Officer Claudio Almeida,
of the Brazilian Navy took these photos. Claudio served 21 years on the Ndd Ceara (former Hermitage). The ship was scheduled to be sunk for a reef, but the operation was postponed.

Claudio said, "I was very sad to see him like this."












The work is being done at
Naval Base of Rio de Janeiro - Mocanguê Grande Island
Brazil / Rio de Janeiro / Niteryi / Niterói

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Headquarters of the Brazilian Police Station

The Mocanguê Complex is located on an island within the Guanabara Bay in the city of Niterói, where there are two bases separated by the Rio-Níterói bridge. The oldest is the Naval Base Almirante Castro e Silva, was founded on 06/05/1941, under the name of Submarine Flotilla Base, to support the Perla class acquired from Italy, today it is the only MB base that operates permanently with submarines and their support ships. The second, is the Naval Base of Rio de Janeiro (the first photo is from BNRJ, after the first expansion completed in 1986), it is the main operational base of the Brazilian Navy and headquarters of the squadron command, almost all are stationed in it the main ships of the fleet, with the exception of NAe's and the school ship Brasil. Ship repair on Mocanguê Island is a tradition that dates back to the beginning of the 20th century. For many years, its dyke facilities, warehouses, workshops, etc., belonged to LLOYD BRASILEIRO, passing to the EMPAIR OF REPAROS NAVAIS COSTEIRA S / A, and, in 1972, to the Navy, through an exchange with the area of port of Recife, since the Navy had given up building another naval base there, being named in 1977, Naval Station of Rio de Janeiro and, finally in 1986, Naval Base of Rio de Janeiro. Its capacity has been progressively expanded, it has an Arsenal with a dry dock capable of docking, corvettes, frigates and other ships. Releasing AMRJ to take care of shipbuilding and to carry out major reforms.

Wikipedia article: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ilha_de_Mocanguê
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