Scott Eriksen EN2, 1972-1976




page61-1003-full Orphans

page61-1004-full Rota


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page59-1000-full-2 View from the bridge during heavy seas page59-1001-full-2 Along side the USS Strong DD-758 at GITMO page59-1002-full-2 Along side the Raleigh LPD page59-1003-full Christmas in the Machine Shop page59-1004-full-2 R & R on the flight deck page59-1005-full A-Gang's Ensign Barnett page56-1000-full-2 page56-1002-full The one Polaroid is me as boat engineer in the Capts Gig with the CO, XO going on liberty call,,,we're all sucking down some 3.2 beer! page56-1003-full page56-1001-full page56-1004-full Last cruise page56-1005-full North Atlantic page56-1006-full Rock 'n Roll page56-1007-full page9_2….