Schedule of Events
MARG 3-84

Contributed by BM1 Gregory Hausler


15 July
Deployed to Mediterranean

MARG 3-84

16 July
Arrived Morehead City for BLT 1/8 unload

27 July-6 August
Transit Rota, Spain

7-16 August
INCHOP/Turnover, Rota, Spain

16-17 August
Malaga, Spain

18 August
Transit Capo Tuelada, Sardinia

19-20 August
Training Anchorage (TRANCH), Amphibious Assault, Cape Tuelada, Sardinia

21 August
Transit, Genoa, Italy

22-23 August
Safety Standown

23-30 August
Genoa, Italy, D.O.D. "QUEENS"

31 August-13 September
Restricted Availability (RAV) Marseilles, France

14-16 September
Transit, Rota, Spain

17-18 September
Reconfiguration of Operational Load-out, Rota, Spain

19-23 September
Transit Capo Tuelada, Sardinia

24-29 September
"Display Determination '84" -- a major NATO exercise, Capo Tuelada, Sardinia

30 September-2 October
Amphibious Rehearsal Landing, Suisse, Tunisia

3-8 October
"DD '84" Opposed Transit, Saros Bay, Turkey

9-15 October
TRANCH, "DD '84", D-Day Amphibious Assault, Saros Bay, Turkey

16-24 October
Izmir, Turkey

25 October-2 November
TRANCH, Bizerte, Tunisia

3 November
Transit, Civitavecchia, Italy

4-8 November
Civitavecchia, Italy

9-20 November
Marseilles, France, "HAPPY DAYS" Show

21-25 November
Transit, Sierra de Retin, Spain

30 November-7 January 1985
Rota, Spain

8-12 January
TRANCH, Sierra de Retin, Spain

13 January
Transit, Malaga, Spain

14-25 January
Malaga, Spain

26 January
Transit, Agadir/Tan-Tan, Morocco

27 January-1 February
TRANCH, Agadir/Tan-Tan Morocco

2-3 February
Transit, Rota, Spain

4-6 February
Rota, Spain

7 February
OUTCHOP Sixth Fleet

8-18 February
Atlantic Crossing

19 February
Arrive, Morehead City, Pick Up "TIGER" Cruisers

20 February
Arrive, Homeport Little Creek