In Port Routine
during Mediterranean Cruise
November 1970-May 1971

Aaron Finestone was editor of our cruisebook "Horizons." He kept a shoe box of the negatives shot for the cruisebook and a looseleaf book of contact prints and notes about the photos. On January 2, 2010, he discovered the "In Port Routine" on the reverse side of the notes. Almost forty years past came to life.

Naval Historical Center

*0315 Call oncoming watch

*0345 Relieve the watch

*0400 Morning watch clean Quarter Deck
and shine brightwork

0600 Reveille

0615 Sweepers

0630 Breakfast

0700 Up all idlers

0715 Relieve the watch

0745 Liberty expires, quarters to muster

0750 Officers call

0800 Colors, turn to

0805 Muster duty fire party in the carpenter shop

*0945 Division Officers inspect assigned spaces

*1000 Executive Officer's inspection of living,
mess, and berthing spaces

*1045 Medical department and representatives inspection
of cooks and messmen for cleanliness

1130 Early dinner for watch relief, cooks, and mess cooks

1145 Knock off ships work. Sweepers.

1200 Relieve the watch, dinner for the crew.

1300 Turn to, continue ships work

1545 Knock off ships work, Sweepers

1600 Liberty call

1630 Early supper for watch relief

1645 Relieve the watch

1700 Supper for the crew

1900 8 O'Clock reports

1945 Relieve the watch

2000 Movie call

2130 Sweepers (or after movie)

*2155 Tattoo, lights out

*2200 Taps

*2315 Call oncoming watch

*2335 Relieve the watch