Med and North Atlantic Cruise Books

1975-1977---Part One

Contributed by Don Phillips

Here are photos from our 1977 Med cruise.  As you can see from the 3rd Div photo section, I (Don Phillips) am pictured as an E-3, but captioned as an E-4.  At my December, '78, discharge, I was an E-5. 
As you might also notice, I am the ONLY FT who remained aboard when the others were shipped out.  My mission was to dismantle what I could of the ship's GFCS (gun fire control system) before we got to the shipyard.  You can bet I served my share of "Duty GM" watches before it was over, as well.  
FTG1 Mark Slebodnik was my LPO when I reported aboard Hermie in late Fall of '75.  He sent you a copy of the 3rd Div photo roster from the '75 Med Cruise book, which I also possess.  (I met the ship in Naples during that cruise.)  Some of the photos in the earlier group of photos I sent were from that book. 
I served on half the Med Cruise of '75, all of the North Atlantic Cruise of '76 and a full Med Cruise in '77.  I left the ship at the end of its '78 stay at Norfolk Shipbuilding and Dry Dock (Berkely, VA) in the fall of '78.  I served aboard approximately three years." 

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