Jack Pusel
contributed these scans from the HERMITAGE. He was a SFP-2 on board from 1967-1970.


I was going through an old Navy medical locker that I had got from a decomissioned ship. It was full of many things I had saved while on the HERMITAGE. I found this shield. We usually made these out of plaster, but this one I mixed JB Weld and made it out of steel. It is in perfect shape. I thought you might enjoy looking at it.---Jack Pusel


This brochure was distributed in Aruba in 1968.

This panel is from our Vietnam cruise when we rescued the Billy H .


From The Gator, newspaper of Amphibious Forces, U.S.Atlantic Fleet Aug 30 1968


From the front page of the Nassau Guardian and Bahamas Observer, Thursday, July 4 1968


This is the 1957 jeep of Dale Kelly that I drove as a kid and now own. It is almost restored. I need to shoot one more coat of paint later this fall or next spring. Wind came up when I was shooting last coat and I need to sand out and reshoot. I finished it off enough to run in a couple parades and one car show. It is a big hit around here. CJ, thanks for your work on the Herm newsletter.----Jack Pusel U.S.S. HERMITAGE, SFP2, 1967-1970 1967. (July 22, 2009).


Memorial Day 2011 by Jack Pusel


My 1957 Willys jeep that I restored to honor my Dad, nine uncles and eight cousins who served this great nation from 1929 through Vietnam. Picture was taken at Cashmere cemetery, Cashmere, Washington.


The names of my family who served with branch and rate. Navy has the most.


My wife Nadine and I at my Uncle Dale Kelly's flag. He received the Purple Heart and Bronze Star on theNormandy invasion, Army.


My Dads head stone. He was a Marine stationed at Subic Bay Philippines and China. 1929 to 1934.


Myself and another Navy WW2 vet throwing a wreath into the Wenatchee River at Cashmere to honor those lost at sea.


Sixth My wife and I by jeep. All photos were taken at Memorial Day services at Cashmere, Washington, 2011.

I just got the word that I was chosen as a Guardian to fly with the WW2 vets to DC sometime this year. We have to pay our own way and we look out and assist the WW2 vets as they visit the National Monument's. Thanks.------- Jack Pusel, SFP2, Hermitage 1967 to 1970