CARIB 2-72 (September-October 1972)
Photos by Richard Ray

In August 1972, Richard Ray arrived on the HERMITAGE. He was interviewed for Quarter Deck.

What did you do on the HERMITAGE?

I was originally at CT2 but got caught up in the CT conversion when we outperformed ourselves and invented a gadget that would do the work of six communications guys. Those with a year or less on their enlistment were given early outs, the rest of us were “offered” YN, DK, PN and a few other positions afloat. I became a PN2 for my final year. Even though we tended to get along, I think Bobby Maddox was always a bit miffed that I bumped him seniority-wise with my arrival without any preparation for the job. Good man, though. I assume/hope that he gained the rank at my departure in 73.

HERMITAGE at pier in Baranquilla, Colombia

page37_2 San Juan, Puerto Rico What are you doing now? I’m starting my 11th year teaching intro through Advanced Placement Photography at Mountain View High School in Vancouver, Washington. Previously, I spent 12 years at a small art and history museum in northern California as exhibition preparatory (wall painter/art hanger) and staff photographer. Prior to that, I worked half dozen years with the Bureau of Land Management administering grazing leases (putting my Range Management/Soil Science degrees to work).

page37_3 Marines back on board from Vieques

page37_4 Retrieving Marines What type of camera and what type of film did you use? During the time in northern Germany and on the Herm, I used a workhorse Pentax SPII. Nothing special lens-wise; the 50mm normal, a 135mm and later a 400mm. My transparency film preference was generally Kodachrome (grandfather’s and uncle’s influence), but occasionally some Ektachrome slipped in. I was never much for print films other than to send pix of the kids home to grandparents; almost always shot B/W (Kodak Tri-X, Plus-X or Ilford) otherwise.

page37_5 Cartagena, Colombia

page37_6 San Jose de Bocachica, Cartagena, Colombia Do you want me to post your email address? Any links about yourself or your work? Posting the email address is fine. There will eventually be a link on the school’s web site regarding a long-term photographic project my students and I are working on. It’s just not up yet; I’ll let you know when it happens. page37_7