to 1 MARCH 1971

1.  1 March - HERMITAGE deployed to Caribbean participating in OPERATION SPRINGBOARD.


3.  12 April - Underway for gunnery exercise and SINKEX off the Virginia Capes.  Returned to hope port 16 April 70.

4.  14 May - HERMITAGE left for nine weeks in the Caribbean as part of CARIB 2-70 ready group.

5.  16 July - HERMITAGE returned from Caribbean deployment and remained in stand-by status.

6.  20 July - Underway for one week of amphibious training for embarked Navy midshipmen.

7.  23 August - Underway to take park in exercise Escort Lion II 

8.  3 September - Returned from exercise Escort Lion II.

9.  8 September - Underway for Santa Maria, Azores for Project Afar.

10.  14 September - Change of command ceremony in which Captain Donald F. Ryder, USN, relieved Captain Wesley L. McDonald, USN.  Ceremony was conducted aboard ship while at anchor, Santa Maria, Azores.

11.  24 September - Returned to home port from Project Afar.

12.  16 November - HERMITAGE began underway for six months in the Mediterranean as part of MED 2-70 ready group.

13.  1 March - HERMITAGE deployed to Mediterranean as part of MED 2-70 ready group.



1. Upon completion of OPERATION SPRINGBOARD, HERMITAGE went through a brief upkeep period in Little Creek, Va.  After this period, she took part in gunnery exercises off the Virginia Capes, concluding the exercise with a SINKEX.

2.  After two weeks preparation, HERMITAGE sailed for a nine week deployment in the Caribbean.  Acting as part of the CARIB 2-70 ready group HERMITAGE took part in many amphibious operations designed to establish operational readiness.

3.  On 16 July 1970, HERMITAGE returned from the Caribbean deployment and remained in a stand-by status.   While in a stand-by status, she took part in midshipman amphibious operational training.  Also during this stand-by status, HERMITAGE gook part in exercise Escort Lion II in the river area southwest of Charleston, South Carolina.  This exercise was designed to develop skills against an enemy in shallow water and river conditions.

4.  Five days after exercise Escort Lion II, HERMITAGE was once again underway.  HERMITAGE steamed to Santa Maria, the Azores to pick up gear from Project Afar.

5.  On 14 September while anchored off Santa Maria, the Azores, captain Donald F. Ryder, USN, relieved Captain Wesley L. McDonald, USN, as commanding officer of HERMITAGE.

6.  Immediately after the change of command ceremony, HERMITAGE sailed for home with her Project Afar gear.  She arrived in Little Creek, Va. on 24 September after a three day stop in Bermuda.

7.  On 16 November 1970, HERMITAGE got underway for a six month deployment in the Mediterranean, operating as a member of Amphibious Squadron Two.
From scrapbook compiled by Michael Sheehy. Courtesy of C.J. and Julene DeHart.