I was going through some of my old pictures from when I was stationed on the 82 foot Coast Guard Cutter Point Caution in DaNang during 1967. I don't know the exact date this picture was taken, but our vessel rendezvoused with the USS HERMITAGE off of DaNang to deliver something or pick up something. Robert Stack was looking down on our vessel when we pulled alongside. I snapped this picture of him. Passing it along to you at the Quarter Deck. Also enclosed are some pictures of my vessel, USCGC POINT CAUTION (82301).

George Demeter, ETCS, USCG Ret.
GMG3 Joe Smith, writes: "The First Class looks like Mac the FT1. The other sort of looks like GMG3 Heaton. I just question if that picture is on the Herm. I don't remember any vents or raked stack like that on the Hrm anywhere. It looks more like vents on a destroyer stack."

GMG3 Tom Brauer believes that "if this photo was in 1967, it wasn't Heaton because he came aboard th Herm in late 1968 after I did." He gouth that McIlhenny was of a different build than the man in th photo. "I think Smitty's right about the destroyer vent and stack."

George Demeter replies: "Glad to have some feed back. All I know is that Robert Stack was on your vessel and i shot some pictures of him as we pulled alongside.

I did have another great experience while stationed in Viet Nam. My first cousin was on the USS Dahlgren (DDC43). We rendezvoused offshore one evening and I got to spend a night with him aboard the Dahlgren. My cutter came and picked me up in the morning.

The Navy and Coast Guard worked great together.

Semper Paratus.



Jack Pusel writes: We had Robert Stack come aboard for about five days while in Vietnam. He was just a one man going around talking to all the troops he could and then we shot targets off the fan tail of the ship. Later Martha Ray came aboard and did two Hello Dolly shows. We had spent several days building a stage for the cast in the front of the well deck . Swift boats brought out Army and Marines to the show. She too was a great person. She wanted to do a special show for some and was told NO. She pointed to her shoulder and said I am A Full Bird Colonel and you will take me. She got her way. This was a time when stars did everything for the troops. God Bless them all.